Art and Design

Art and Design

Art at Ashington Academy aims to develop and nurture creativity through the hands-on experiences of a wide range of processes and media-like drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, collage and photography. Self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. We encourage students to develop critical thinking and an understanding of visual language to interpret the world around us.

Curriculum information

Year 7

Learning outcomes

In Year 7, pupils will explore the foundations of art and design, developing skills and techniques through a variety of contextual sources. They will also begin to develop their subject-specific vocabulary in order to evaluate and generate their own ideas towards creative outcomes.

Pupils will be given the opportunity to respond to the culture and tradition of the wider world as well as their own local heritage.

Topics taught

  • Art Box

  • African Art

  • In the Jungle

  • Roll a Picasso

  • Outside

Year 8

Learning outcomes

Within Year 8, pupils continue to develop and expand their knowledge of the creative process, using appropriate language whilst learning new skills, techniques and processes.

Through a range of mixed media, pupils will produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences to generate individual outcomes.

Topics taught

  • Fruit and Veg

  • Under the Microscope

  • Fabric Creatures

  • Food

Year 9

Learning outcomes

Year 9 develop their skills with new processes and techniques and consolidate familiar skills through practise. By investigating artists, they learn to contextualise responses, developing critical understanding and visual language.

Topics taught

  • Observational drawing

  • Natural forms

I love being in the art rooms; I can be myself and just create.
Year 9 student

Year 10

Learning outcomes

Year 10 are encouraged to become confident in taking risks and learn from experience when exploring and experimenting with ideas, processes, media, materials and techniques. They develop and refine personal outcomes with increasing independence.

Topics taught

  • Towns and cities

  • Personal project

Year 11

Learning outcomes

Year 11 will be actively engaged in the process of recording, developing ideas from sources which they are inspired by. They will work within the framework of the GCSE assessment objectives to produce personal and meaningful outcomes.

Topics taught

Extended project from choice of starting points, usually from the previous year’s Externally Set Assignment.

Externally Set Assignment, from January until Easter.

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