Drama draws on and develops young people’s aptitude for learning about themselves and the world around them by experiencing other people’s perspectives in other situations exploring empathy whilst learning in a creative and exciting way.

As a curriculum subject it gives students a practical knowledge of how drama works as an art form and allowing students to work independently to create their own performances. Drama is particularly closely linked to other arts subjects and to English through practical exploration of texts and stimuli. Drama is the perfect vehicle to develop the vital skills of independence, critical thinking and effective decision making.

Curriculum information

Year 9

Learning outcomes

Students will build their knowledge of Drama explorative strategies through scripted performance and improvisation. They will develop an understanding of different roles within the industry, while exploring key practitioners and styles. Students will work in groups to create theatre as well as contribute independently to design and rehearsal aspects of production.

Topics taught

Scripted Performance 

From page to Stage 

Explorative Strategies 

Creating Theatre

Year 10

Learning outcomes

Students will learn how to develop their performance or design skills through practical exploration of extracts from key texts. As well as focusing on performance or design skills, students will learn how to shape a meaningful published performance through skilled directing. Finally, students will begin to devise their own piece of theatre based on a stimulus set by the exam board.

Topics taught

Performing from a Text 

Interpreting Theatre 

Devising Theatre

Year 11

Learning outcomes

Students will use knowledge built upon and developed through years 9 and 10 in order to complete both practical and written exams. Students will use a key practitioner to influence their ideas for performance and design and keep a portfolio to demonstrate the rehearsal and development stages. As well as this, students will perform two extracts from a published play or create the designs to suit the performances. The final piece of work will be practical exploration in preparation for the written exam where students must demonstrate their ideas for performance from a design, acting and directorial perspective. Throughout the course students will be expected to evaluate their own work as well as the work of others.

Topics taught

Devising Drama 

Presenting and Performing Texts 

Performance and Response

Link to exam specification

On stage I can be whoever I want to be and that’s amazing.
Year 8 student