The BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise has three main components: explore the sector, develop knowledge, skills and best practice and then apply the skills and knowledge. These components build on each other to help students grow in confidence.

Component One - Exploring Enterprise

In this component, students will have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the different types of enterprise and their ownership, looking at the characteristics of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs with reasons for levels of success

Component Two – Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity

In this component students will select an idea for a micro-enterprise activity to plan and pitch. You will individually pitch your business plan for your idea to an audience and then use the feedback to review your plan and pitch.

Component three - Promotion and Finance for Enterprise

In this component students will explore the different promotional methods used by enterprises and the factors that influence how enterprises identify and target their market. You will explore financial documents and how to use them to monitor and improve the performance of an enterprise in order to make decisions and recommend strategies for success.

The subject is highly interesting, and I have been able to pick up many skills and learn valuable information to take forward in life.
Year 11 student

Curriculum information

Year 9

Learning outcomes

  • Explain the different features of small and medium enterprises and why entrepreneurs start businesses.
  • Suggest different sources of finance to enterprises in different situations.
  • Create market research resources and marketing materials for a small and medium enterprise.

Topics taught

Entrepreneurs and business

  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • Features of business
  • Risks and rewards


  • Market research methods
  • Market segmentation
  • The marketing mix


  • Sources of finance
  • Costs and revenues
  • Break even
  • Cash flow

Business Economy

  • What is the economy?
  • Interest rates
  • Exchange rates

Year 10

Learning outcomes
  • Explore ideas and plan for a micro-enterprise activity
  • Pitch a micro-enterprise activity
  • Review own pitch for a micro-enterprise activity
Topics taught
  • Generate ideas for a micro enterprise activity
  • Plan for a micro enterprise activity
  • Pitch and present a micro business activity
  • Use feedback to review and identify possible changes
  • Elements of the promotional mix and their purposes
  • Targeting and segmenting the market
  • Factors affecting the choice of promotional methods
  • Financial documents
  • Payment methods
  • Costs and revenues
  • Break even
  • Terminology in financial statements
  • Statement of comprehensive income
  • Cash flow
  • Suggesting improvements to cash flow
  • Sources of finance

Year 11

Learning outcomes
  • Examine the characteristics of enterprises
  • Explore how market research helps enterprises to meet customer needs and understand
  • Competitor behaviour
  • Investigate the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise
Topics taught
  • What is an enterprise?
  • Types and characteristics of small and medium enterprises
  • Purpose of enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Customer needs
  • Using market research to understand customer needs
  • Understanding competitors
  • Internal and external factors
  • Situational analysis
  • Measuring the success of small and medium enterprises
  • Statement of financial position
  • Profitability and liquidity
  • Revision of all the finance topics in preparation for external assessment
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Many people think enterprise is just for people who wish to start their own business, but everything we study in the subject relates to all walks of life and the future industries which many of us will work in. I am really pleased I chose this subject.
Year 11 student