Music at Ashington Academy aims to develop and nurture creativity through performing, composing and appraising music.

Students explore a wide range of musical styles, genres and traditions performing and composing using different instruments as a soloist and as part of an ensemble. We encourage students to develop critical thinking and an understanding of visual language to interpret the world around us. 

Curriculum information






Elements of music 


Ready, Set, Play! Musical Performance at its best!

Musicals – explore this much-loved genre from musical theatre!



You’ve got the Blues!


Music through time: The Western Classical Tradition


Loops and Samples: explore the wonders of music technology! 



Film and Video game music 


Musical Fusions – the study of music in different cultures


Popular Songs 


Key Stage 4

 Unit 1: The Music Industry 


Unit 2: Creating a musical product 


Unit 4 – Composing music 


Unit 5 – Performing music 


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I enjoy Music because it's not only educational but enjoyable and easy to make friends in. There are opportunities like choir and instrumental/ singing lessons that creates community where we all share our interests and get along.
Year 9 student
I really enjoy Music because I enjoy the teachers and everyone is really supportive of one another and there are loads of extra-curricular clubs that I attend and they are really enjoyable.
Year 11 student