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Ashington Academy is celebrating after a year of improving GCSE and A level results.

2020 GCSE and A level results

The government has suspended the performance tables for the academic year 2019-2020. Our school carefully prepared centre assessed grades for our students in Year 11 and 13. This process was rigorous and based on a large body of evidence.

Analysis of these grades showed that our school has much to be proud of. Overall, pupils made strong and significant progress and achieved high standards building on results from 2019. 

We celebrate the achievements of all of our pupils and with them every good fortune on their continued journey in education or employment.

2019 GCSE results

  • 64% of students achieved English and maths GCSEs at grades 9-4 (broadly similar to the old A*- C passes)
  • 43% of students achieved English and maths GCSEs at grades 9-5 (broadly similar to the old A*- B passes)
  • 75% of students achieved English language/literature GCSE at grades 9-4
  • 54% of students achieved English language/literature GCSE at grades 9-5
  • 72% of students achieved maths GCSE at grades 9-4
  • 50% of students achieved maths GCSE at grades 9-5
  • 61% of students achieved a standard pass in science
  • 46% of students achieved a strong pass in science
  • 37% of students were entered for the EBACC qualification
  • 20% of students achieved the EBACC qualification
  • Our Attainment 8 score is currently = 46.50. Our Attainment 8 score shows that they left with very high attainment. You can read more about these measures here and learn how they are calculated.
  • Our Progress 8 score is -0.21

Please visit the Sixth Form area of this site to view our post-16 performance.

2019 A level results

You can find information on our 2019 sixth form performance in our performance table below.


GCSE qualifications in England were revised by the government in 2017 to make them more demanding. This was to ensure that students leave school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in 21st century Britain and to match those of their peers in high-performing education systems elsewhere in the world.

Find out more about the changes here.

Ofsted report 

Ashington Academy became a new school in 2017 and has not been inspected as an academy.