Sixth form admissions

We are currently accepting applications for post-16 courses. To find out more and apply please contact us directly.

Key admissions dates for Ashington Academy Sixth Form are as follows:

Early October 2017 Current Ashington Academy students receive information through tutors and assemblies. A new prospectus will be available to all prospective students.
Late October 2017 Open evening.
December 2017 Year 11 ‘taster lessons’ in up to six subjects of their choice.
March - May 2018

Open evening - 1 March

Submission of application forms, if possible.  Later applications are accepted, but as time goes on the timetable becomes less flexible and therefore options will be reduced.

In the event of a course being very unpopular or for staffing/teaching and learning reasons, we reserve the right to withdraw it at this stage.

All students and their parents are invited to  individual meetings with Post-16 year manager to discuss your application in greater detail.


August 2018

After the GCSE results are published, you will be asked to re-affirm your choices the following day. At this stage, it may still possible to alter your choices at an individual meeting with the director of post-16.

If you are on holiday please email with any queries.

September 2018

Year 12 induction will take place on the Thursday of the first week of the Autumn term (full details will be issued in August).

You will be introduced to your tutor and given further helpful information about the courses and post-16 life in general. Your individual timetable will also be finalised and the teaching of all courses will commence.

There will also be a Year 12 parents' information evening before the end of September.

We do not give applications from pupils at any particular schools a priority.