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Sixth form dress code

We want our sixth form students to feel like professional young adults, which in turn, can lead to greater focus and a more effective work environment. This attention to detail will inevitably reap rewards in the results you achieve and can be underpinned by something as simple as our dress code.

Our guideline is smart office wear (no colour restrictions) which entails:

  • Blouse / dress shirt (collared).
  • Tailored trousers (no jeans/tracksuits).
  • Tailored skirt (minimum knee length).
  • Tailored dress (minimum knee length).
  • Jumper / cardigan.
  • Smart shoes (not trainers/pumps).
  • No extreme hair styles. Hair colour and make-up should be subtle.
  • Tattoos must not be visible.
  • No facial piercing allowed other than subtle ear piercing.
  • No extreme levels of jewellery to be worn in school.

Coats/hoodies/hats should not be worn inside the building.

You are in a working environment so strapless or shoulderless tops, short tops which do not meet the waistband of trousers/skirts, short skirts, shorts, plunging necklines and vest tops are not appropriate. Clothes that are too tight or revealing (including sports leggings) should not be worn.

The Academy reserves the right to make the final decision on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.