Careers information

Ashington Academy offers comprehensive careers education and guidance to all students through a range of activities in each year group. Our careers support helps to raise students' aspirations as well as build awareness of the possibilities, opportunities and pathways that are available to them once they leave school.

Years 7&8 Enterprise activities, university activities/talks, embedded lessons in the PSHEE programme (including information and aspirational talks from local employers and people from industry).
Year 9 As above along with one-to-one guidance and support for students and parents in selecting options for GCSE study.
Year 10 University talks/visits/activities, PSHEE lessons as above although explored in more detail and relevance to further studies and next steps, particularly from outside speakers
Year 11 Continued support and input from universities and local employers as well as specific information on alternative pathways such as college, apprenticeships and the Armed Forces – all delivered from outside and impartial providers. An embedded guidance programme delivered throughout the year which includes one to one support for their next steps/progression in education.
Years 12&13 As with Year 11 with more specific, one-to-one help with the university application process and advice, delivered by a team of experienced tutors and the Head of Sixth Form.