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Half term stars of the week!

Date Published:
Monday 15 February 2021
Ashington star of the week

We are so proud of the work our students have produced over the past six weeks. We cannot thank students and their families enough for their support with remote learning.

Before you all have a well-deserved break, please take a look at our stars of the week! See you soon...

Jack Fender, Year 11 - English

For submitting fantastic work and showing real effort - making progress in lockdown and generally just being a delight!

Emma Wright and Hannah Lunny, Year 11 - English

For continuous effort and high-quality live lesson work and homework in English. Excellent progress demonstrated in Paper 2, Section A reading skills! Very well done.

Thomas Bennett, Year 11 - English

Fantastic contributions to every lesson and for all the work he is submitting.  Some great improvements!

Kloe Robson, Year 7 - English

For trying her best, striving to improve her work and always being positive in English lessons.

James Halliwell, Year 8 - English

For continuously producing exceptional work, contributing to class discussions and striving to improve his work.

Ava Broady, Year 8 - English 

For always trying her best in every English lesson and contributing to class discussions.

Nathaniel Cowell, Year 9 - English

For always answering questions, even when he is unsure and putting in a 100% effort.

Ben Donnelly, Year 9 - English

For always checking he is completing all tasks set and listening and responding to everything that is asked of him.  Great contributions and fantastic effort!

Grace Morrison, Year 10 - English

For contributing to class discussions, answering questions and her excellent work on An Inspector Calls.

Kyran McIntyre, Year 10 - English

He continually contributes to class discussions and his knowledge of An Inspector Calls is superb!

Leon Watson, Year 11 - Maths

Displaying a massive amount of enthusiasm in lessons. Completing work with gusto, and basically helping anyone with anything.

Hannah Butters, Year 7 - Maths

Constantly trying her best in lessons, showing great enthusiasm, and effort.

Lois Forster, Year 8 - Maths

Outstanding commitment towards learning Mathematics throughout the half term. Well done.

Pravdeep Shergill, Year 8 - Science

She tackles every task with enthusiasm and interest, takes part in and contributes with exuberance – her enthusiasm really stands out!

Lily Davison, Year 7 - Science

She has shown fantastic development in Science and consistently contributes in lessons, showing effective use of scientific terminology. She goes above and beyond to complete additional research tasks.

Laura Cross, Year 9 - MFL

Laura contributes consistently to lessons and is a keen and enthusiastic class participant. Her work shows a real understanding of the topics we’ve covered and she’s always willing to try more challenging tasks. 

Abigail Williamson, Year 10 - MFL

She is an active and committed participant in every lesson who has demonstrated a high level of understanding of key vocabulary and structures. Her performance across all tasks is excellent. Well done!

Ashton Rogers, Year 10 - MFL

Ashton Ashton is a committed and enthusiastic participant in lessons who demonstrates a high level of understanding of the topics covered. 

Lirael McKenzie, Year 10 - MFL

Lirael is recognised for her consistent high levels of effort and participation in lessons that show a real commitment to learning.

Jessica Lillico, Year 10 - MFL

Jessica has been an enthusiastic and active participant in all lessons across the half-term which demonstrates a real dedication to learning. 

Jack Goldstein, Year 11 - D&T

Jack presented the class with fantastic answers from his commercial process' assessment. Well done Jack!

Thomas Bennett, Year 11 - D&T

Thomas was fabulous in supporting some of his peers during online group work when looking at the topic of timbers.

Sophie Kirk, Year 9 - Art

For a beautiful and exquisitely detailed zentangle turtle.

Mahnoor Iqbal, Year 9 - Art

For a highly skilled and detailed seahorse zentangle. Effective use of stippling to achieve form.

Rebecca Davison, Year 9 - Art

For exceptional use of pen, line and pattern to create a striking octopus zentangle.

Millie Fogerty, Year 9 - Photography 

She produced some lovely outcomes in response to her artist research and is building a very strong Identity photography project.

Thomas Caisley, Year 8 - Food

For his brilliant contributions during lesson and for demonstrating his knowledge of all aspects of food.

Olivia Williamson, Year 10 - Food

For fantastic contributions and consistent effort every lesson.

Annalise Waterman and Hannah Strang Year 8 - Music

For outstanding contribution in lessons and always going back to refine work based on feedback and comments from the teacher and other pupils.  Well done!

Zoe Thain, Year 10 - Drama

For great contribution to group discussions this week, keep up the good work!

Faith Jansen, Year 10 - PE

She continually produces high quality work and always contributes during class discussion on Teams, sharing her knowledge with others.

Shay Palmer, Year 11 - Geography

Fantastic effort and contributions to class, always engaged in lessons and taking part.

Katie Balsdon, Year 11 - History

Fantastic effort and contributions to class, always engaged in lessons and taking part

Robbyn Watson, Year 10 - History

For working so hard all half term and always asking for help when she needs it. Great recall of specific detail in the last few lessons – well done.

Ciara Hall, Year 10 - RS

For consistently engaged in learning and giving thoughtful responses.  All work is consistently completed to a high standard – an absolute superstar!

Bethany Nicholson, Year 9 - Health and social care

For her continued hard work and effort in ensuring all work is completed and up to date.

Anna Redshaw, Year 11 - Health and social care

For consistently handing in work that is of excellent quality.

Alesha Palmer, Year 10 - Health and social care

Fantastic contributions to the chat during lessons.

Lucy Neary, Year 10 - Travel and tourism

For consistently handing in work that is of excellent quality.

Ellie Mordue, Year 11 - Business

Great participation in lessons and always willing to answer questions.

Xan Goonan, Year 10 - Business

For a very positive attitude in the lesson and motivating the other students with good words of encouragement.  

Michael Moorhead, Year 9 - Business

For working extremely well and really quick to calculate revenue calculation accurately.

Hareem Iqbal, Year 7 - ICT

Always enthusiastic and always willing to offer support to others.

Connor Burt, Year 9 - ICT

For being fully engaged in all lessons and always tries his best.

Key Stage 3 stars


Kaitlyn Groves, Year 8

Great feedback from a range of teachers on her attitude, application and all-round effort to online learning. 

Thomas Caisley, Year 8 

For fully contributing to all aspects of online learning. Excellent communication skills, always on the ball! 

Jake Johnson, Year 7

For engaging fully in all lessons, submitting work to an excellent standard and getting involved in the Mile a Day Challenge!

Molly Blench, Year 7

For fully engaging in all aspects of online learning, demonstrating excellent communication skills and getting involved in the Mile a Day Challenge

Key stage 4 stars
Andrew Wake, Year 11

For requesting and submitting extra English work for Miss King to practise sentence structure and reading from a text.

Kathryn Bell, Year 11

For fantastic consistency and outstanding Attitude to Learning. Produces high-quality work and always contributes.

Year manager stars
Year 11

Neve Beattie - For always working hard to complete tasks to the best of her ability. Excellent mark in History assessment.

Katie Balsdon - For fully engaging in lessons and always submitting high-quality work. Superb Attitude to Learning.

Leon Watson - He worked very hard throughout remote learning and providing advice for other students during live lessons. Some very positive feedback from teachers this week.

Year 10

Ella Patterson - For being a fantastic student. Ella is always hardworking and conscientious.

Ethan Scott - Ethan has shown a great commitment to online learning and contributes well in his Philosophy & Ethics lesson especially.

Katie - Lee Mackie - For still attending online lessons despite being poorly! Great attitude to learning!

Jack Tyler-Read - Jack has shown a fantastic attitude to online learning despite his struggles in the last lockdown with technology.

Kyran McIntyre - The dedication shown to his Photography work is outstanding! Mr Kirkbride and I are absolutely amazed with the work produced by Kyran.

Year 9
Megan Brown - Megan has shown a great deal of maturity in her online learning. When there is an issue, she is taking responsibility and finding a workable solution which is brilliant to see.
Grace Fergus - Grace always shows resilience to her learning. Despite how tough it may get; Grace never gives up! 
Kasey Richardson - Kasey has shown a commitment to her online learning and I am very proud of how you have tackled lessons.
Lucy Mullen - Lucy always tackles work with a positive attitude. Lucy has continued to work hard in all lessons. 
Carly Haefner - Amazing work throughout lockdown. Carly’s Teachers have given very positive feedback to her work which is always of a high standard. 
Jay Chilton - Completing every piece of work set. And showing the most amazing attitude to learning. Well done Jay!
Year 8 

Annalise Waterman - For her continued hard work in all of her lessons and always handing in her work on time. 

Lucy French - For her amazing attitude to learning and always submitting high-quality work.

Tyler Martin - For always contributing in lessons and completing all his work to the best of his ability.

Year 7

Lucy Connon - For continuous hard work and effort in all lessons. Lucy you are fabulous!

James Prothero - For outstanding to online learning. Well Done James!

Hannah James - For doing Year 7 proud! Working hard in all online lessons. Keep it up Hannah!

Abbey Fox - She has shown such commitment and maturity this week! We are so proud of you!

Oscar Steele - For continued effort and commitment. Oscar you are a star!

William Redpath - We are so impressed with William! Absolute star!

Lola Marcon - Lola always gives 100% and always shows persistent effort.

Shania Aiken - For always attending online lessons and being generally fantastic! Well Done Shania!

Mr Walton's star
Aya Sharif, Year 7

For not only completing her work but also helping her young siblings at home complete their work every day. What a legend!