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All 11-16 students who attend Ashington Academy must wear a school uniform. Wearing a uniform creates a sense of community and we believe ours is both practical and fair. LEAP points are awarded to students who consistently wear correct uniform.

Important information about ordering uniform during COVID-19

In this uncertain time, we are working with our uniform supplier, Emblamatic, to make it is easy and safe to order the new school uniform for September 2020. 

We are encouraging as many people as possible to order school uniform online with free home delivery and returns by 1st of July. You can purchase online at or by emailing your order to

Our uniform supplier is also offering paper tape measures as well as measuring videos on their website - email to request a tape measure.

Why have a uniform?

Here at Ashington Academy we are proud of our uniform. We believe that proper school uniform is important because it:

  • instils pride in the students and the wider community
  • encourages identity with, and support for, our school ethos
  • protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way
  • nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between different groups of students
  • supports effective teaching and learning.

Our uniform

Ties, shirts, jumpers and blazers
  • School blazer with school badge
  • Plain white school shirt buttoned to the neck
  • School tie - supplied to Year 7 students by the Academy in the first instance
  • Navy v-neck jumper with light blue inset and the school badge - optional item.

Trousers and skirts

While we are more than happy for parents and students to purchase school uniform from a wide variety of sources, we have worked closely with Emblematic to create trousers and skirts with the academy logo, which meet our uniform rules.

Should parents choose to purchase items from other suppliers then the style and cut of the trousers/skirt should be the same as those provided by Emblematic.

  • Charcoal grey tailored school trousers, not jeans, leggings or stretchy style. (Must be at least 7.5inches/18cm wide at the bottom)
  • Charcoal grey pleated or straight skirt - not tight fitting or stretch material and must be no more than 5cm above or below the knee.


  • Must be black, formal leather or leather style shoes which can be polished. No trainers, plimsolls, pumps or boots.
  • Socks must be black or grey with trousers.
  • Grey opaque tights must be worn with skirts.


  • Outside coats must be removed when entering the school building.
  • Caps are not to be worn on the school premises. Woollen hats may be worn between the autumn and spring half terms but must be removed when entering the school building.

Our PE kit

All items below are available from Emblematic

  • PE polo shirt – compulsory item
  • Navy shorts/tracksuit bottoms – compulsory item or
  • Black sports leggings - compulsory item
  • Mid layer top – optional item
  • Hoodie – optional item
  • Rain Jacket – optional item
  • Skort – optional item
  • Sports sock – optional item
  • A black base layer may be worn underneath the PE polo shirt during colder months.

PE footwear

  • Trainers with non-marking soles are to be worn in the sports hall (compulsory).
  • Students can wear studded boots when participating in certain activities on the grass.
  • Moulded boots and Astro trainers are accepted on the 3G Sports Pitch. Metal studs, blades and flat sole trainers are not accepted.
  • Plimsolls, Converse, or canvas type shoes are not suitable.

Did you know?

Each of our school blazers save 46 plastic bottles from landfill! Our blazers are made with RE-VIVE fabric - an innovative, eco friendly material produced by Trutex. 

Here’s how it works...

  • Plastic bottles are shredded into ‘flakes’ and heated to make the material workable (known as the depolymerisation process). 
  • The flakes undergo further complex heating processes to form recycled chips which are then put through a special machine to form a fine polyester yarn which can then be woven into a durable fabric.

... and voilá, our school blazers are ready to be worn, helping to save the planet!