All 11-16 students who attend Ashington Academy must wear a school uniform. Wearing a uniform creates a sense of community and we believe ours is both practical and fair. LEAP points are awarded to students who consistently wear correct uniform.

At Ashington Academy we pride ourselves on our high standards. As such, we consistently strive to ensure all students are dressed appropriately in full school uniform at all times. You can buy our uniform from our school supplier, Emblamatic, using the link at the bottom of this page.

Ashington Academy school uniform

Shirt White collared shirt and clip-on school tie
Blazer Navy blazer with school logo
Jumper Navy v-neck sweater with logo (no other form of jumper is allowed underneath the school blazer)
Bottoms Charcoal grey tailored school trousers or skirt (which should be no more than 5cm above or below the knee for health, safety and modesty reasons).
Socks/tights Black or grey socks or grey tights
Shoes Plain black leather or leather look shoes