Catering and Free School Meals

Catering and free school meals

Lunchtime is an important part of the school day. We encourage students to eat healthily from our food court or our 'cash ‘n’ dash' windows. Items are priced separately and a two course meal may be purchased at a very moderate cost. We also have a mid-morning break service.

We operate a cash-free biometric system; students use fingerprint recognition to deduct money from their accounts. Those who do not wish to use the biometric system are issued with an individual PIN. Student accounts can be topped up by students using cash machines in school or online by parents / carers through SCOpay.

Nutritional standards

There are two standards that we must comply with when providing school catering. The standards were developed following research showing that children were not making healthy food choices at lunchtime and that school meals did not meet their nutritional needs.

1. Food-based standards

They define the types of food which are no longer allowed or are restricted. Food that is high in fat, sugar or salt is replaced with more nutritious food and drinks, introduced to ensure nourishing food is served more frequently.

2. Nutrient-based standards

It is important that school lunches contain sufficient energy and micronutrients to promote good nutritional health in all students and to protect those who are nutritionally vulnerable.

The nutrient-based standards aim to make the food offered healthier by increasing the vitamin and mineral content and decreasing the fat, saturated fat, non-milk extrinsic sugars and sodium, (salt), content.

Click here for more information on the nutritional standards.

Free school meals

Your child may be entitled to receive free school meals (FSM) if you are in receipt of any of the following:

  • Income support
  • Income-based jobseeker's allowance
  • Income-related employment and support allowance
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guaranteed element of state pension credit
  • Child tax credit (provided you’re not also entitled to working tax credit and have an annual gross income of less than £16,190)
  • Working tax credit run-on – paid for four weeks after you stop qualifying for working tax credit
  • Universal credit

How to apply

To see if you are eligible, you can apply online here, call 01670 623592 or complete a paper application form, available from the school office.

Food hygiene rating

We have regular environmental health inspections and we were recently given the best hygiene rating possible - 'very good'.

Christmas 2021 lunch menu

Lunch menus

Our lunch menus now change every term to reflect the changing seasons, so make sure you check back every term to check out what's new. 

Week 1







Main meals

Chicken parmesan smothered in cheese sauce

Hot chicken stottie with stuffing and gravy

Roast pork loin with giant Yorkshire pudding

BBQ pulled beef wrap

Deep fried crispy cod with chips

Mexican style chilli with rice and tortilla chips

Homemade crispy battered cod fishcakes

Meatball melt sub drizzled with tomato and garlic sauce

Homemade corned beef pie

Italian style lasagne with garlic bread

Vegetarian option

Sweet tomato and basil spaghetti

Quorn korma with rice

Homemade cheese and onion pasty

Spicy vegetable chilli with noodles

Vegetable burger


Traditional steamed syrup pudding

Apple and black cherry crumble

Traditional ginger pudding with white sauce

Homemade chocolate crunch

Creamy rice pudding with jam sauce


Week 2







Main meals

Homemade minced beef and dumplings

Mexican style sweet chilli chicken enchilada

Roast chicken with stuffing and yorkshire pudding

Chinese style chicken curry with rice

Deep fried crispy cod with chips

Spicy paprika chicken strips served with soft noodles

Spaghetti bolognese 

Pork and beef meatloaf with gravy

Homemade steak and onion pie

Breaded oven pizza chicken 

Vegetarian option

Macaroni cheese

Chinese vegetable stir fry

Spicy quorn chilli with rice

Mexican style cheese, onion and tomato quesadilla

Vegetable spring rolls served with a Chinese curry sauce


Iced rainbow sponge

Homemade chocolate chip and mandarin muffin

Homemade iced lemon cake

Traditional jam roly poly

Cornflake tart

Week 3







Main meals

Beef casserole with a crispy dumpling

Spicy breaded chicken with mild curry sauce and rice

Roast beef and yorkshire pudding

Chicken tikka masala curry with rice

Deep fried crispy cod with chips

Creamy chicken and bacon pasta bake

Homemade cheese burger with side salad

Tandoori chicken wrap

Sausage plait

Grilled bacon chop with pineapple

Vegetarian option

Cheese, red onion and tomato quiche

Quorn lasagne with garlic bread

Homemade cheese and onion pie

Spaghetti Milanese  with salad

Homemade cheese and tomato pizza


Traditional chocolate sponge

Traditional apple pie

Swiss roll

Sticky toffee pudding

Homemade oaty flapjack


Week 4







Main meals

Mini mixed grill (sausage burger, bacon and tomato)

Homemade chicken nuggets

Roast turkey with yorkshire pudding

Chicken korma with rice

Deep fried crispy cod with chips

Macaroni bolognese

Spaghetti carbonara

BBQ pulled pork wrap

Mince beef and potato pie

BBQ chicken melt with cheese and crispy bacon

Vegetarian option

Vegetable burger

Mushroom korma and rice wrap

Cheese and tomato quiche 

Sweet tomato pasta

Homemade cheese and tomato pizza


Traditional iced orange sponge

Strawberry cheesecake

Toffee apple crumble

Chocolate fudge cake

Jam sponge

Also available daily:

  • Filled jacket potatoes

  • A selection of baguettes, sandwiches, wraps, and salads

  • Homemade soup with a roll

  • Pasta with homemade sauces

For food allergies or intolerances please speak to a member of our staff about your requirements before ordering.