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Friday Shoutouts

Date Published:
Friday 16 April 2021

We have launched a brand new 'Friday Shoutout' to celebrate our sixth form students and share some of the lovely things they have been doing to support each other in school. 

Congratulations to:

Zunaira -  For working hard and always making others happy when they aren't in a good mood. Also, she has managed to work hard this past week and finish her coursework even though she's had a really sore mouth from getting her braces tightened!

Hollie - For volunteering at the COVID-19 vaccination centre, data logging and marshalling at the cricket club and taking any opportunity she can!

Grace - For volunteering at the COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Ashington during the weekends since December!

Lauren - For being such a good friend and being very supportive. Congratulations on running 5k and perfecting your ukulele skills!

Andrew - For teaching himself how to make a cheesecake

Jack - For renovating a caravan.

Dylan - For helping friends renovate a caravan.

Ethan - For learning to make pancakes.

Charley - For buying food for others when they didn't have the money.

Tom - For learning to make paella.

Abbie - For shopping for her elderly grandparents during lockdown.

Hannah - For learning to Hula Hoop.

Ava - For taking part in virtual Northumbria Uni Days. 

Gregor - For running 3 times per week.

Caitlyn - For staying with her Grandma to look after her during lockdown.

Kayla - For taking part in virtual university days at Northumbria.

Caitlyn - Who learned to read sheet music.

Rachel - Who learned to crochet.

Laura - Who learned to make gnocchi.

Molly - Who did shopping for others during lockdown.

Leah - For looking after a homeless woman.

Alex - For learning coding for apps.

12CK - Despite the difficulties and challenges, they have worked as a team to support each other and encourage each other, showing sensitivity, respect, resilience, determination and effort. Each one of the students knows the power of a smile and each one contributes something special to the group. Congratulations on your active participation in form time, both throughout live lessons and in school.