PE and sport

BTEC sport

BTEC Sport is suitable for students who want to undertake a sports qualification but are more suited to the vocational style of study and assessment. The course will provide an engaging and stimulating introduction to the world of sport.

Students explore the theory relating to physical fitness and exercise. As well as having the opportunity to undertake their own training programme and lead their own sports session.

Areas of study:

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise

Unit 2 – Practical Performance in Sport

Unit 3 – Applying the Principles of Personal Training

Unit 6 – Leading Sports Activities

Students will build a bank of knowledge on a variety of sport related content whilst also developing key transferrable skills in communication, teamwork and organisation.

Curriculum information






Whilst studying the Level 2 BTEC Sport students will develop theoretical knowledge within four units of study: Fitness for Sport and Exercise, Practical Performance in Sport, Applying the Principles of Personal Training and Leading Sports Activities 

Within 'Fitness for Sport and Exercise', students will develop knowledge of components of fitness, the principles of training, different fitness training methods and fitness testing including how it determines fitness levels. 


Following on from the 'Fitness for Sport' unit, students will study 'Practical Performance in Sport' whereby they will develop knowledge of rules, regulations and scoring systems for selected sports, students will practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports and will be able to review sports performance. 


Topics covered this term: 

Unit 1 

  • Components of Physical Fitness 

  • Components of Skill Related Fitness 

  • Fitness tests 

  • Fitness Training Methods 

  • Exercise Intensity- how can it be determined 

  • Principles of Training FITT 

  • Additional Principles of Training 


Topics covered this term: 

Unit 2 

  • Rules and regulations of selected sports 

  • Scoring systems of selected sports 

  • Roles and responsibilities of officials in selected sports 

  • Components of physical fitness relating to selected sports 




Topics covered this term: 


Unit 2 

  • Performance of technical and tactical demands of selected sports 

  • Observational checklist for selected sports 

  • Review of performance during selected sports  







Within 'Applying the Principles of Personal Training' students will develop knowledge of how to design a personal fitness training programme. They will learn about the musculoskeletal system and cardiorespiratory system and the effects on the body during fitness training. Students will also implement a self-designed personal fitness training programme to achieve their own goals and objectives and review their own personal fitness training programme. 

Within Leading Sports Activities students will develop knowledge of the attributes associated with successful sports leadership and undertake the planning and leading of sports activities. Following this, students will review the planning and leading of sports activities. 


Topics covered this term: 

Unit 3 

Personal information 

  • Programme design 

  • Musculoskeletal system 

  • Cardio-respiratory system 

  • The personal fitness training programme 

  • Training diary 

  • Measures of success 

  • Review of the personal fitness training programme 

Topics covered this term: 

Unit 3 Continued 

  • Review of the personal fitness training programme 

Unit 6 

  • Attributes and responsibilities of sports leaders 

  • Planning a sports event 

  • Leading a sports event 

  • Measures of success 



Topics covered this term: 


Unit 6 Continued 

  • Review of leadership 

  • Targets for development 













I have enjoyed learning about the different joints, muscles and bones in BTEC Sport. I find it interesting learning about these topics because I enjoy learning about how the body works
Year 11 Student