Stars of remote learning!

Date Published:
Friday 05 March 2021
Ashington star of the week

We cannot thank our amazing students and their families enough for their hard work, resilience and determination throughout remote learning.

We cannot wait to welcome you back into school, but before we do, our staff want to nominate their stars of remote learning. Keep up the fantastic work!


Alex Howard, Year 7 

"Alex has attended every lesson, responding to questions and completing all work to an exceptional standard! Very well done – we're so impressed by your fabulous efforts!"

Annalise Waterman, Year 8

"Annalise has contributed to every single class discussion and has listened carefully to all teacher explanations in lessons. She has written some wonderful pieces of work using some excellent vocabulary throughout! Very well done – we're so proud of you!"


Hayden Lawson, Year 8 

"Hayden has applied himself with great ‘Gusto’ throughout every single remote lesson, and the Maths department have been so impressed with his efforts."

Lireal McKenzie, Year 10

"Lirael has attended every single remote lesson punctually, she has submitted work at the end of every single lesson, which has been detailed and beautifully presented. She has also attempted every Hegarty Maths task. A top effort! Well done!"


Jamie Thomas, Year 9 

"Jamie has attended every single Live lesson, been brave enough to speak when no one else would, and completed every single piece of work that was asked of him. He has simply been a little star and I couldn't have asked for more."

Tyler Martin, Year 8 

"He has been excellent - attended all lessons, always contributes, completes all tasks and moves onto extension tasks. He has gone over and above expectations week in and week out."


Carly Haefner, Year 9 

"For applying a consistently amazing attitude to remote learning and making the best of every opportunity to produce outstanding work. Well done!"

Tasmin Burn, Year 8

"A superb attitude to learning shown throughout the remote learning period with a high level of consistent interaction and all work has been of very high quality. Well done!"

Design and Technology 

Sophie Bernard, Year 11

"Regardless of the hurdle, Sophie has applied herself 100% in all lessons and tasks during Remote Learning. She has always asked for help when needed and has been brave enough to chat openly during lessons. Overall, she has made a fantastic effort towards all aspects of remote learning."

Dan Jeffcoat, Year 8

"Dan has consistently applied himself in every lesson of DT. He has gone above and beyond to ensure his new learning is clear in his work and presented to a high standard. Well done Dan!"


Kyran McIntyre, Year 10 and Carly Haefner, Year 9

"Both have shown grit and determination in their attitude to learning and true creativity in work produced!"


Alex Howard, Year 7 

"For your positive attitude, hard work and brilliant lesson contributions. Alex you are always willing to answer questions and all your work has been completed to the highest standard. You are a superstar."

Jorja McLean, Year 10

"For your continued hard work and commitment throughout online learning. You attend every lesson with a positive attitude and always tries your best. Written work is all up to date and you regularly contribute to lesson; sharing your ideas and answering questions."


Kieron Hill, Year 9

"Your attitude to learning has been outstanding during live lessons and you have made excellent progress. Keep up the good work when we return to school."

Jack Randall, Year 10

"You always bring a positive approach to live lessons. Your enthusiasm for the subject is commendable: even though you have been working from home, your motivation to succeed has been outstanding and therefore, you have continued to progress."


Laura Cross, Year 9

"Fantastic attitude during live lessons. Always engaged and answering questions. Work is always of a very high quality, well done!"

Lorien Dodds - Crouth, Year 9 

"Consistently logging into every single lesson, always being polite, engaging well with the lessons and submitting excellent quality work."


Ellis Waterman, Year 9 

"Excellent attitude, all EBIs completed and acted on feedback.  A fantastic effort throughout remote learning showing an excellent A2L and academic progress."

Polly Butters, Year 10

"Excellent attendance to RL.  Polly is always on time and ready to learn.  She has completed all tasks and acted on advice.  Overall, a fantastic effort and evidence of academic progress."

Religious studies 

Dan Jeffcoat, Year 8 

"He has been amazing during online lessons, always ready to answer questions and brilliant, mature response to class discussions, handed in all tasks - an all-round star!"

Alex Howard, Year 7

"He is consistently engaged in all lessons and class discussions and completes incredibly high quality work.  Well done!"

Health and social care

Summer Layzell, Year 9 and Molly Bird, Year 10

"For their continued positive attitude and hard work throughout online learning. They have attended every lesson, completed all work set and are always willing to share knowledge and ideas through the chat function."

Travel and tourism

Jessica Lillico, Year 10

"For consistently engaging with lessons and handing in excellent quality work each and every time."


Amy Nelson, Year 11

"Amy has produced an excellent business plan during the remote lessons.  She has asked for advice when not sure of something and always acted upon the advice provided.  Well done."

Ella Lillico, Year 11 

"Ella has continued to do well during the lockdown and has scored very highly in every task.  Well done."


Billie Learmonth, Year 11

"100% attendance during the remote lessons, always completing very high quality work and very keen to participate.  Well done."

Aaron Davidson, Year 10

"Aaron has gone over and above during the remote learning and he continues to be a lovely young man. Well done."

Key stage 3 stars

Isla Ford, Year 7 and Andrew Seely, Year 8

"Both have shown a fantastic attitude to learning throughout online learning and amazing contributions to the Screen Free Challenge Day!"

Key Stage 4 star

Aaron Davidson, Year 10

"For persistent dedication to all aspects of Remote Learning: well and truly deserved!"

Year manager stars - Year 11

Rohan Dodds-Crouth - Rohan has shown a fantastic attitude to learning throughout remote learning. He always endeavours to complete all of his work and produces outstanding quality. Well done! 

Kathryn Bell - Kathryn has worked extremely well throughout the school closures. She always produces high quality work and contributes fully to her lessons acting as a great role model for others. Well done!

Year manager stars - Year 10

Kayleigh Porter - Amazing attitude to learning throughout lockdown. Absolute star!

Benjamin Harwood - Amazing attitude to learning throughout lockdown. Absolute star!

Year manager stars - Year 9

Ellis Waterman - Ellis has worked incredibly hard during the lockdown period showing amazing attitude to learning. Well done!

Andrew Henderson - For showing a great level of commitment to online learning. 

Year manager stars - Year 8

Samuel James - For working so hard throughout lockdown, attending all lessons with a brilliant attitude.

James Halliwell - For attending all of his lessons throughout lockdown with an amazing attitude, producing some excellent work. Well Done James!

Year manager stars - Year 7

Alex Howard - 100% virtual attendance, persistent effort and fantastic attitude to learning. Well done, Alex!

Georgia Gall - 100% virtual attendance, great work ethic and a fantastic attitude to learning. Well done, Georgia!

Headteacher, Mrs Weston's star
Lily Hallowell, Year 11
"Lily’s work ethic, resilience and commitment to her studies has been remarkable throughout both school closures! She truly encapsulates what it means to be an Ashington ‘star’! "


Deputy Headteacher, Ms Quinn's star

Luke Brown, Year 11

"For always taking his GCSE studies so seriously and working like an absolute trooper through both school closures: his determination and resilience has been admirable! The quality of work has, as always, been tremendous!"

Assistant Head, Mr Walton's star

Mahnoor Iqbal, Year 9

"For trying so hard during lockdown in all subjects.  You should be very proud of yourself. Well done!"

Assistant Head, Miss Richley's star

Max Fairgrieve, Year 7

"Max has demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning during remote learning and we’re really proud of the resilience he has shown! Very well done and keep up the great work!"

Assistant Head, Mr Gordon's star

Leah Smith, Year 8

"An outstanding attitude towards her learning. Always engaged in the lessons and work is always handed in. Is always asking questions if not sure and has made excellent progress during the most recent school closure."

Assistant Head, Miss Smith's star

Robbyn Watson, Year 10

"For her positive attitude and cheery comments. Even though I don’t see her face I can tell she is smiling!She has worked so hard every lesson even when she has found it difficult, and she always perseveres!  Robbyn is also great at asking for help when she needs it."

Mrs Bell's star

Lucy Connon, Year 7 

"Lucy has attended and contributed in every lesson in lockdown, offering answers to questions and participating in class chat. Lucy always finished the lessons by sending the clapping and flowers emoji which I really appreciate. Well done Lucy!"