Democracy in action at Ashington Academy!

Date Published:
Thursday 14 March 2024
Democracy winner

Following the recent Youth Elections, we're absolutely delighted to announce that our wonderful Year 9 student, Courtney, has successfully been nominated to the Youth Cabinet! Please join us in extending our congratulations to Courtney as she secured 1301 votes, a phenomenal 18.9% of all votes cast! Courtney successfully campaigned to promote mental health awareness, tackling environmental issues and promoting children's rights, and we look forward to her representing us in the Youth Cabinet!

Furthermore, Ashington Academy had the best turnout rate of all secondary/high schools that participated in voting with 770 votes cast for Youth Cabinet (77.9% turnout) and 777 votes cast for Youth Parliament (80% turnout)!

Ben Sanderson, the Participation Lead at Northumberland Adolescent Service said: 'Thank you for your support in making this happen in Ashington Academy this year and ensuring the voice of young people is truly enabled'

Well done to everybody who voted and huge congratulations again to Courtney!