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Our vision and ethos

At Ashington Academy, we aim to provide opportunities to enable all students to learn and make lifelong friendships in a caring, supportive environment. In becoming successful learners, we want all our students to develop a love of learning, to recognise that learning is a lifelong activity and that the skills they acquire and develop are transferrable.


At Ashington Academy, our vision is simple and shared by all schools across the North East Learning Trust family - that every child experiences excellence every day.

Our ethos

Ashington Academy is founded on deeply held principles that every child is unique and that each has the right to an excellent education. 

We are committed to:
  • the pursuit of excellence in all that we do;
  • providing a broad education designed to enable every young person to achieve their full potential and make the most of their talents;
  • providing a calm, purposeful atmosphere where young people are cared for and able to learn with confidence;
  • creating a healthy, happy, disciplined and supportive environment which promotes an independent work ethic and a love of learning;
  • engendering respect for individuality and difference so that all will feel secure and equally valued;
  • nurturing a sense of social responsibility and spiritual and personal development
  • fostering integrity, confidence, resilience, creativity, good manners and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Success is not just measured by examination results. Our primary aim is for each young person to be both courageous and caring, resilient and determined as they strive for excellence, an active and well-rounded citizen with deep integrity, one who respects others and contributes positively to society.